God is a she and so is the web! #7 👩🎬 Period Piece

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It’s natural! Period!

It’s Female Friday again! As you might know God is a She and so is the Web is a section where I review web series and webdocs directed and/or written by women. As a matter of fact, web series are doing better with gender equity than Cinema and Television, with about 30% of last year productions written or directed by women, but there is still some way to go. This is the 7th review and it’s dedicated to…Well, keep reading to find out!

At first I wanted to start this review by asking: “what makes men and women different?” but then I thought that we would have to close comments. So I am going with a even weirder charade : What do Women, History and this review have in common? Well, they all have periods! And, incidentally, they are also all part of my subtle transition. Because today, I want to recommend to you Period Piece, “a comedic web series about women in different periods of history… having their periods”. It’s an anthology of sketches (ten so far plus a “special election” episode) reminding us and mocking some legends and prejudices about menstruation. Here is a trailer:

Created by Liliana Tandon (also performing in the sketches with Rachel Kent and Kate McGarrigle) this show also served as support for a charity campaign that provides free feminine hygiene products to women in need. Watch this show and have a good – maybe sometime weird, let’s say it – laugh on a topic that will probably wait another century before accessing prime time. And imagine if men had the courage to talk about their testicles in a series… Oh, wait… This is what we do since millennia.

Watch the show on YouTube

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Visit the official website: periodpieceofficial.com



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