World Wide Webserie is partner and media partner with several festivals and projects dedicated to web series. The main purpose of these partnerships is to create a strong network, that guarantees support to creators and web fests, as well as a solid source of information about the web series phenomenon.

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Die Seriale
Webfest Berlin
Wendie Webfest Hamburg
Rome Web Awards
Sicily Web Fest
Bilbao Seriesland
CPH Webfest
Seoul Webfest
Asia Web Awards
Vancouver Web Fest


World Wide Webserie is partner with the Web Series World Cup (WSWC), created by Joël Bassaget. The main purpose of the WSWC is to promote web series and their creators, giving also support and visibility to all the festivals that, during all these years, have been included in the WSWC.


Web Séries Magazine
Emerging Series
WebVee Guide

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