God is a she and so is the web! #2

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You’re The Pest: Bug Buster Buggy Buddies.

Last week I started this section on World Wide Webserie and the purpose is to review and present digital series and web docs that are directed or written by women. Why? Because web series are doing better in gender equity than Cinema and Television, with about 30% “pink” productions in 2017.
The first review was on Psusy and today… I have a killer web series for you!

Literally: a web series that kills. Sometimes. When the two heroines of the web series You’re the Pest are motivated and coordinated enough to do the job. A dirty job indeed as they inherited their fathers’ extermination company that they are forced to run together because their respective lives are currently “in a curve”. It’s a buddy comedy where characters and attitudes collide until necessity forces them to cooperate. Simple and classic, always a good start for a comedy. Bellow is the teaser for the first season.

It’s typical situation comedy, just well done. Well written by Taylor Coriell (who also plays Alex) and Jasmine Romero with funny well paced dialogues and nice characterizations. Adrienne Lovette directed the seven episodes of this first season (about 4 minutes each). It’s easy and quick to watch, it’s really entertaining and it has this touch of difference that we need to cultivate, today more than ever. In an interview to Snobby Robot, Taylor Coriell said:


“… when Jasmine and I started writing the show in 2014, there were not nearly as many headlines like the ones we see now. I am so happy that the general consensus in 2018 is that the best way to tell different stories is by making sure that the people in charge of telling them are different than those who have had ample opportunity for their voices to be heard before”.


And we can’t agree more.

In September, You’re the Pest will make its European festival premiere at Webfest Berlin and meanwhile:

Watch all episodes on You’re the Pest’s YouTube Channel!



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