God is a she and so is the web! #3

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Sexy Herpes: Let’s play doctor…

This World Wide Webserie‘s section has the purpose to review and present digital series and web docs that are directed or written by women. The reason in as clear as day: web series are doing better in gender equity than Cinema and Television, with about 30% “pink” productions in 2017.
The first review was on Psusy and the second one was dedicated to You’re the Pest. To find out more about this third one, keep reading!

Don’t you often dream that you could be a fly and peep in the doctor’s office of a sexual health clinic? No? Ok, so it’s just me then… But you sure like a good comedy, right? This one is entitled Sexy Herpes and comes from Australia. There are six episodes (about 10 minutes each) following Sarah (played by Zoe McDonald who is a former model, now actress and comedy writer), a sexual health nurse who is permanently having a bad day and is surrounded by a crowd of wacky colleagues and patients. Here’s the trailer:

This first season is an hour of awkward situations, weird behaviours, silly actions and inappropriate reactions. It’s sharp and sometimes it bites. Madeleine Dyer directed this web series that she also co-wrote (with Daniel Mulvihill).

Fun fact for web series aficionados: Madeleine can be seen in two episodes of the Australian multi-awarded web series Bruce.

By Madeleine own admission, most of the stories in Sexy Herpes have a real origine, wich this is probably the most creepy aspect of the show and I only mention it because I know it will make click right away on the link bellow, you perverts! Or maybe, this is just me?…

Watch all the episodes of Sexy Herpes on YouTube.

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