God is a she and so is the web! #5 👩🎬 Turn Me Online and Traffic Jam

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Turn Me Online + Traffic Jam: Turn you on and sing!

It’s Friday and time for a #FF (Yes, I changed it, now it means Female Friday). If you are following this section I started together with World Wide Webserie, you know that web series are doing better with gender equity than Cinema and Television, with about 30% of last year productions written or directed by women, but there is still some way to go. And that’s why we decided to write some reviews to present you web series and webdocs directed and/or written by women. This is the 5th one and… You know what? Let’s make it a double today and enjoy not only one, but two web series created and directed by women for double pleasure (and also because they are both very short and I did not want to look cheap): Turn Me Online & Traffic Jam.

For starter, you should have a good time watching the seven episodes of the British comedy Turn Me Online following single thirty-something Alice as she tries to navigate the London dating scene. The episodes mix sitcom and absurd comedy (in daydreams scene where Alice regularly finds refuge). It’s maybe a little rough sometimes as the show has been produced with only 3000 pounds from crowdfunding, but it is inventive enough and the acting is there. The show is created by Hannah Lane and Suzie Preece (who is playing Alice). And really, I don’t understand what girls have against a good teaser or a titillating trailer, but once again, this web series has none. So here’s episode one:

Watch all episodes here on Youtube

Follow the web series on Facebook and Twitter and visit the official website.

If this one did put you in a good mood (and it should have), why not expressing it loudly and sing along with the girls in Traffic Jam: The Musical. This is a production from SketchShe, an Australian trio of actresses (Shae-Lee Shackleford, Lana Kington and Madison Lloyd) publishing sketches every week on their YouTube Channel. And as the title says, it’s a musical! Oh, yes, I know you’ve seen already some cheap web musicals and you are not motivated to watch yet another bunch of Broadway wannabes murder innocent songs. Believe me I’ve been there too. But check out the video bellow and tell me if it’s not simply the best crowdfunding pitch ever and that it does not want you to click on the episodes link (right under the clip). It’s cool, it’s crazy, it’s kitch, it’s fresh and it’s groovy. And it’s Friday for crying out loud!

Watch all episodes here on Youtube

Follow SketchShe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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