Die Seriale 2019 🇩🇪 the oldest German webfest has its 5th great edition

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Die Seriale 2019 is about to start! But, first of all, for those who are new to the web series community, let’s have a quick recap about Die Seriale: this festival was founded in 2015 by Dennis Albrecht and Csongor Dobrotka with a precise aim: to create a place for German authors, for bringing their digital series out of the Web, beyond the screens. In 2017, in the occasion of its 3rd edition, the festival went international for the first time and it was a huge success. It remained worldwide also for 2018 and, yes, also Die Seriale 2019 will be international!

In the previous 4 editions, Die Seriale has cleared its main focus: giving its attention to the “indie” nature of the digital series. As a matter of fact that, except for some series with huge budgets, most of the online series is created setting up the whole work on a low-budget philosophy. Luckily, this aspect isn’t seen as a negative feature and it’s well supported by festivals like Die Seriale.

Die Seriale 2019

Die seriale gives its attention to the “indie” nature
of the digital series.

Moreover, the festival of Giessen, usually creates a program rich of meetings, panels and events, in which everyone has the possibility to compare himself with others, learning and discovering new aspects of this web series community. Connected to all these possibilities, there’s the most important one of Die Seriale: the networking. For the organizers of the event, is really important to create the opportunity for creators to confront each other and make good contacts. And based on last year edition and on the program you’ll find here below in the article, they continue rocking this aim!

Die Seriale

Die Seriale 2019 will take place from June 13th to 16th. There will be 4 days with 8 screenings of 56 digital series and 11 pilots and they will be shown at the cinema Kino Center, like last year. But, for 2019, there will be also a special open-air screening! This year the series are from 18 countries and there are also 45 German premieres. One of the highlights of the event are the 3 world premieres from Hessen: “Anomalie” will be screened at the opening on Friday, “Little Archilles” on Saturday and “Security” will be screened on Thursday.


Die Seriale 2019 will have also an Argentinian focus: the festival has 8 Argentinian series in the official selection and two directors from Argentina are invited with their series. Last year, for the 2018 edition, the “Country of Honor” was Canada, with a focus and the Canadian web series production. For Die Seriale 2019 the focus moves to Argentina, with also a panel, with all Argentinian guests, about “The Argentinian Digital Series Market“.

The festival will have also lectures, more other panel discussions, a pitching contest and a networking event. Read the summary of the program below.

Die Seriale 2018 awards. Pic by Ralf Hofacker


Die Seriale 2019 program has a day dedicated to Hessian series and production, an Educational Day and two Business Days. Here below some details:

#1 Thursday, June 13th – FOCUS HESSEN

For the first time, die Seriale will spend a whole evening in Wetzlar. At the Lottehof, the festival will start its 5th edition with panel discussions and open-air screenings of series and pilots, officially selected for the 2019 competition. This evening will be a special focus on the Hessian series and Hessian productions.

#2 Friday, June 14th – EDUCATIONAL DAY

The Educational day offers amazing lectures and discussions with the intent of bringing together film and media scholars with creators. Where are we now and what is changing? What are the up-and-coming ideas and formats? And how do we look at digital series from a film- and media-theoretical perspective? The focus of this year lies also on the comparison between long and short form series.

#3 Saturday and Sunday, June 15th – 16th – SERIALE PRO: BUSINESS DAY 1 and 2 / DIMA Giessen

Seriale Pro is huge news of Die Seriale 2019; it offers a business platform for the digital series industry that includes the activities of: “Business Day”, “DIMA Giessen” and the “Pitch Contest“. The Business Day is a huge conference and networking event, that will be held for the 3rd time as part of “die Seriale“ and has been expanded to two days.

For the first time will be held “DIMA Giessen”, Germany’s very first physical market with a focus on short-form digital series. DIMA is a cooperation with the Bilbao Seriesland. What’s its purpose? 16 brand new concepts for digital series will get the chance to present their latest vision to the industry during the pitch competition. All this is available to Pro visitors, thanks to the “Videmic“, a new marketing partner of Die Seriale 2019. Seriale Pro is supported by the “Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing,” and the “Economic Development Giessen“.

After these full and interesting days of learning, networking, pitching and screening, will take place the long-awaited award ceremony! It will start at 8:00 pm at the Rathaus/Townhall Giessen.

For checking out the whole program, visit: Die Seriale 2019 Program

Of course, World Wide Webserie will attend Die Seriale 2019 and we’ll keep you posted with photos, videos, Instagram stories and tweets. So… Follow us and stay tuned folks! See you in Giessen!



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