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Wednesday, May 24th 2017
World Wide Webserie, the Italian blog about web series, is now partner with the oldest German digital series festival, Die Seriale. We’ll cover the event from June 9th to 11th 2017, in Giessen. Before that, here’s some information you might wonder about this web fest.
World, here’s Die Seriale. Die Seriale, this is the world. Starting from this year, the Indie Series Festival of Giessen goes worldwide! The third edition of this German web fest is the first as an international festival, included in the well-known Web Series World Cup, circuit created by our collegue Joël Bassaget

It was founded three years ago by Dennis Albrecht and Csongor Dobrotka (also the creator of the 2nd ranked series at WSWC the 2016, Number of Silence), in order to create for the German’s authors a space beyond the Web, to let the digital series from their country to be noticed and appreciated beyond the screens. It goes so well that they said “well, let’s make it international”. Good thinking, guys, good thinking.
Die Seriale, as the other two German festival, the Webfest Berlin and the Wendie Webfest Hamburg, turns the spotlights on one of the main hotspot of this digital world: the “indie” nature of this kind of wonderful shows. Except for some series with unreachable budget, most of the authors have created their digital series using a well-known notion (we know something about that): do the best with the less. However, the independent nature (and wallet) of these digital series, should not be an obstacle to the creativity and artistic expression of these people. Think on what is going on in France: Netflix will produced a longer format of the digital series Osmosis, that has been in many web fest. So: let’s get indie, let’s hit the road together.

The founders, from left: Dennis Albrecht, Julian Hansmann and Csongor Dobrotka
Pic by Rossi Photography
Die Seriale will be on stage from June 9th to 11th 2017 and its program seems to be great: 42 series from 5 continents will contend the 15 awards, but the screening program (which includes a cinema projection and also interviews to the authors) it’s just the top of the iceberg. In three days, there will be a lot of panels and lectures, each one with a focus point. Here the details: 
  • Friday, June 9th – Educational Day: do you want to learn something about the scientific-theoretical examination of the web series medium from the Hessen Film and Media Academy? This is the appointment you can’t miss.
  • Saturday, June 10th – Independent Day: no aliens or Will Smith in this panel, but a super interesting workshop about “Script-writing: Where do I start and what’s down the road?”. After that, will take place the presentation of the creators and of the 7 festival partners.
  • Sunday, June 11th – Business Day: yeah yeah, everything’s cool, but what about the money? On the third day, there will be a lecture to learn more about the American and Asian market, distribution and production. Then the big event: the award ceremony will start at 8:00 pm at the Hotel & Restaurant Heyligenstaedt.
We’ll be there to keep you posted with photos, live video and tweets, but if you want to learn more about Die Seriale, you can follow it on Facebook and visit the official website. Here’s some links you might need to prepare yourself for this festival. Be prepared and watch out: Die Seriale is about to rock the digital series world!
From left: Dasha Kozlov & Paul Caly (éclat Germany), Dennis Albrecht (Founder), Anja Henningsmeyer (hFMA), Julian Hansmann (Technical Director), Csongor Dobrotka (Founder & Festival Director), Martin Otto (Movie Theater Giessen), Dietlind Grabe-Bolz (Mayor of the City of Giessen), Annette Eidmann (Cultural Office)
By Rossi Photography
written by

Cristiano Bolla,

World Wide Webserie


revised by Chiara Bressa


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